With a focus on non-quoted companies

In 2002 Christer Salén’s son Patrik moves back home from the USA and together with siblings Katarina, Oscar and Jonny take over the responsibility for a somewhat haphazardly grown portfolio of non-quoted companies built up by Christer Salén. The process of refining and liquidating the contents of the portfolio takes several year. When an external offer is made for travel agency Noble Caledonia in 2006, that Christer helped to found after the Kuwait crisis, Katarina Salén decides to buy the company herself. This leaves Katarina with her own travel agency and Patrik with the foundation for a continued involvement with un-quoted companies, initially through the private equity network MVI, that Christer Salén helped found and that makes investments into companies with a turnover of between 100-200 million and Credelity that makes investments into somewhat larger companies with a turnover of between 200-500 million SEK. Patrik’s own direct investments have successively increased in priority, such as Hyper Island, Precio and GARPCO, with long-term thinking and entrepreneurship in focus.