Transport of refugees

At the end of the second world war Folke Bernadotte negotiates with Himmler, the head of the SS, to collect prisoners from the concentration camps and transport them to Sweden. He therefore asks Sven Salén to provide ships to transport prisoners from Lübeck to Trelleborg. On the 3rd of May 1945 a thousand concentration camp prisoners are landed from the “Lillie Matthiessen” and “Magdalena” vessels.

After the end of thee with war Sven Salén’s ships also transport refugees on an American troop transport vessel that he converts for refugee transport and renames “Anna Salén”. The journeys go from the war ravished Europe’s many collection camps to Australia and Canada with “Anna Salén”.

In the beginning of the 1940s Sven Salén moves his office to Strandvägen where he shares office spacCentral European Trading Company, Meropa, of which he owns half. The other half is owned by Hungarian Kalman Lauer. The young Raoul Wallenberg also works in this office and it is Kalman Lauer who suggests that he would be a suitable person to send to Budapest to save Hungarian Jews.