To 300 different destinations all over the world

When Katarina Salén takes over Noble Caledonia in 2006 the company has sold “Caledonian Star” and operates only with rented ships. At the same time Katarina’s and Per-Magnus Sander’s other polar cruising operations PolarQuest are growing strongly. When the couple sell PolarQuest in 2009 it has grown from an original turnover of 1.8 million SEK to a turnover of 80 million SEK.

Instead, the couple choose to focus their efforts on the London-based travel agency Noble Caledonia, where they increase their engagement in 2010 by purchasing the cruise ship “Island Sky”, at the same time that they start Salén Ship Management to look after the operations of the ship. The following year they buy the sister ship “Caledonian Sky”. In order to finance the purchase of the ships and at the same time, gain access to the Australian market, the couple who own the majority of Noble Caledonia, decide to sell a minority share to the Australian travel agency APT. A few years later they purchase the third sister ship “Hebridean Sky”. Today the operations have doubled their turnover compared to 2006, to more than £70 million and arrange cruises with their own or rented ships to 300 different destinations all over the world.