The next pair of brothers takes over

Already in the 1980s Sven Hampus’ sons Staffan and Erik start dealing in shares within a portfolio of two million SEK that they have inherited from their paternal grandmother. Business is successful which gives the brothers a high level of liquidity at the beginning of the 1990s and they collect their investments in their own company Westindia. At the same time the brothers prove their wings in other operations outside the Salén sphere. Staffan Salén is, amongst other things, editor in chief for Finanstidningen and vice Managing Director for Föreningssparbank, whilst Erik Salén, amongst others, works for the Stillström family’s investment company Traction.

In 2003 Staffan Salén starts at Salénia, at the same time that Sven Hampus steps back and phases out his involvement. At the time Erik Salén has already been in place for the last two years. As a result of this generation change the practical differences between owner companies Salénia and Westindia are erased and all of the company’s holdings are run, in common, by the brothers, Staffan and Erik.