The brothers split – Sven Hampus business deals

As early as 1984 Sven Hampus’ business revolves around financing and trading with shares in the aftermath of the bankruptcy. He wants to be able to support the old colleagues who continued to work within the sphere’s former areas of interest, but does not want to go in as a controlling shareholder.

At the beginning of the 1980s Salénia has bought into Bilspedition AB, that rapidly develops during the 80s, amongst other things, with the acquisition of line shippers Transatlantic. Salénia participates as an active owner until a structural transformation of the transport industry and sell its holdings in Bilspedition, at a good profit, in the summer of 1991.

Salénia is also engaged in Stockholm Chartering, Cool Carriers and the revived dry cargo shipping company Sven Salén AB. With Sven Salén AB as the starting point and the acquisition of Scandocean, Salénia carries out a complex structural business deal with the stock exchange quoted Uddevalla Shipping. For Sven Salén AB that has leadership resources and ideas, whilst Uddevalla Shipping has an interesting fleet and strong balance sheet, but no management, the deal is ideal. The company is renamed Frontline and is later sold to the large Norwegian ship owner John Fredriksen