The brothers split – Christer’s business deals

In 1985 Sven Hampus buys out Christer from their mutually owned company Salénia. Christer, in turn, buys out Salénia’s English subsidiary Exxtor which is part of the old ferry company TOR Line not sold to DFDS. This becomes Christer’s new base. Hereafter, Christer concentrates on the flying industry and starts, amongst others, the Crown Arcot company for the purchase and sales of aeroplanes. The company specialises in purchasing outgoing plane models and then leasing them back to the old owners until the airline replaces the whole of its fleet.

Thereafter they start a store of spare parts with companies Avtec, AirXport and Venada with offices in Basel, Brussels and Las Vegas where they sell aeroplane spares to the big fleets of semi-old models that are still flying. Christer is also a participant in two charter plane companies in England and a regular airline with traffic to the Channels Islands of Jersey and Guernsey. The major part of the air operations, which is sometimes very good business, he manages to sell before the terrorist attack against the USA in 2001.