The banana business grows

During the second world war, quite naturally the banana trade comes to a complete stop, but as early as 1946 imports increase to 21,000 tons of bananas. At the same time, the refrigeration technique is developed and Salén’s fleet expands to be able to transport all possible goods, over the whole world – everything from frozen whale meat to Japan to armoured vehicles to American military bases in the Pacific.

During the 1960s, turnover is doubled to 165 million SEK and the Banana Company now imports everything possible that Sweden cannot grow itself or have access to during the winter. In the middle of the 1960s fruit imports into Sweden go through a structural rationalisation in order to reduce the risks for the parties involved. In 1972 the Salén-owned Banana Company fuses with the Johnsson-owned Sandén group and creates JS Saba. In the first year of operation turnover reaches 400 million SEK, that over the coming ten years will grow to 15 billion SEK, under expansive Managing Director, Thore Nydahl’s leadership. In 1978 banana imports reach 80,000 tons – the equivalent of 10 kilos of bananas per Swede, per year.