New engagements with one foot still in shipping

In 1996 Jonny Salén, the third of Christer Salén’s children, leaves Sweden in order to read for a Master of Finance degree at the London Business School. After various other engagements in South-East Asia, in 2008, Jonny becomes the owner of China Hong Kong International Communications (CHKIC) and the underlying Chinese company MinTel, a Hong Kong based telecommunications company with its principal operations on mainland China. At the same time Jonny continues to work with the development of several other companies in South-East Asia.

Just before the finance crisis breaks out in 2008, Oscar Salén, the youngest of Christer’s children, also moves to London to study. After four years education in international finance, he moves back to Sweden to build up his own portfolio of investments, principally within finance companies, which includes the loan comparison company Advisa. Together with his sister Katarina, Oscar is also engaged in Argonaut, a start-up company within bulk shipping with its seat in Gothenburg.