Involved right from the start

Around the start of the new millennium Salénia invest in a portfolio of IT companies, which includes the newly started consultancy brokerage eWork. The company supplies larger companies with specialised IT competence via a database with independent IT consultants and it grows rapidly. From an almost non-existent turnover in 2000 the company grows to a turnover of 650 million SEK by 2006 and from there to 4.7 billion by 2014. In February 2008 eWork is floated on the stock market and in September 2010 Staffan Salén takes over as Chairman of the board for eWork, after Sven Hagströmer.

Alongside eWork both Staffan and Erik Salén are involved in starting two other operations that will grow strongly.

Just after the start of the new millennium they invest in the property company that Staffan Saléns former fellow student, David Mindus, is in the process of starting up. The company focuses on the market for warehousing and industrial premises and grows rapidly. With an inverse acquisition of the IT company Effnet, the operation is floated on the stock market under the name of Sagax. For Salénia’s part the original investment of a few million SEK develops into a 10 per cent ownership of a property group that today has a rental revenue of over a billion SEK.

In 2004 a team of administrators leave the established finance group Catella, in order to start their own administrative company. Staffan Salén helps with both financing and office space for the newly started Strand Capital Administration, where Salénia also owns 30 per cent. With an independent and successful administration the company grows rapidly. In 2015 the company has an administered capital of more than 3 billion SEK.