Generation change within the group

During the 1960s shipping is the third largest export business in Sweden and the Salén Shipping company starts the decade with good finances and a strong position on the market. In 1962 Sture Ödner is appointed Managing Director, whilst Sven Salén takes on the role of Chairman of the group.

Ödner still has his management business sense and recklessness and the group continues to attract daring young men who want to effect big business. In 1963 one of Sven Salén’s sons, Christer, starts with the refrigerated shipping division and in 1966 Sven Salén’s other son Sven Hampus starts with the tanker division and soon thereafter, the brothers form their own company Salénia. The naming of the 210,000 ton tanker ”Sea Sovereign” on the 23rd of October 1969 was to be Sven Salén’s last official appearance prior to his death on the 29th October. After him, he left, built up from nothing, a worldwide shipping company on a strong upward curve.