Back to the cruise business

In 1989 Christer Salén returns to the cruise industry through the purchase of the expeditionary ship ”Caledonian Star”. The year after a new ship is ordered, “Frontier Spirit”, from a Japanese shipyard and is delivered in the autumn of 1990, at almost the same time as Saddam Hussein’s Iraq invades Kuwait. Soon thereafter Christer sells his share in the vessel to his two partners.

With the advent of the Kuwait war, Americans stop travelling and as “Caledonian Star” principally sold cruises on the American market, a new use for the vessel must be found. In 1991 therefore, the travel agency Noble Caledonia is started in order to capture the British market of cruise travellers. Christer’s daughter Katarina Salén works for Noble Caledonia as an expedition guide from the very start. In 1999, together with her husband, Per-Magnus Sander, she starts their own travel agency Polar Quest. Per-Magnus has a background as a polar guide and marine rights lawyer. They start to sell cruises on the Swedish market.